Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A cinderella kind of day

Since im getting married on the beach, high heels are out of the question. So I found these sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti (below) that a fellow bride wore at her beach wedding. I thought "perfect!!!".. until I saw the price tag :(  From that moment on I have been on a mission to find the perfect sandal with just the right amount of embellishment in a reasonable price range. I searched for DAYS on every website you can imagine and every store in the mall (that part wasn't so bad :) im talking Zappos, Amazon, Neimans, Nordstrom, Saks, Ebay, endless.com (--- the most amazing shoe website ever! it combines every cute shoe on the internet from a million different designers) but I couldn't find   "THE shoes".
So thats when I decided to create my OWN. I grabbed these simple, gold Antonio Melani thong sandals from Dillards...
Then I took them to the fabulous women at BBS, a local Bead Designing Boutique, and showed them the shoes and my picture of the Giuseppe's for inspiration. One week later, and im in L O V E .
These pictures done even come close to doing these sandals justice! I seriously did not want to take them off! They have so much s p a r k l e .

They removed the flower from the front of the sandal and attached jewels, pearls, crystals and other embellishments
.one word.
 [ G L A M O R O U S ]


  1. I love them! They are perfectttt!

  2. thank you for entering in the blog award 'little known lovelies'!

    these sandals are SO pretty and i wish you good luck!

  3. gorgeous sandals! ps. what part of texas are you from? I'm in austin!

  4. Diya, I'm headed to Austin this weekend for my bachelorette party!! What a small world! I live just a little south of Houston!

  5. beautiful shoes!
    they look so amazing :')
    i'm so happy for you, ♥

  6. isn't it awesome when you find something for cheap and can redo it to look like something sooo expensive?? i LOVE this little sandal redo that you have done here! btw, i found your through little known lovelies on eri's blog and will be adding you to my google reader! =)


  7. Oh, those are amazing and perfect for the big day!!!!

  8. hello!

    i just posted about some Glamorous sandals like these (check out my post). i have to say, they did an excellent job! the color is amazing and your toes look fabulous! congratulations on your wedding!

    God Bless,